Wednesday, September 03, 2008

New Blog

I finally bit the bullet and set up a blog on my website. The new blog is at I'm in the process of updating my website, and the new blog is in the new website theme. It's also a little more current. ;)


Thursday, July 03, 2008

Add Some Flash & Bang to Your Fourth

Phaze Books is ready to add some sizzle & pop to your Fourth of July. On Friday, July 4th only, all Phaze titles are discounted 20%. Use the code FIREWORKS08 during checkout to receive the discount.

Phaze Fantasies, VI - Six Fantastic Authors, Six Awesome BDSM themed stories, for only $4.80. Guaranteed to ignite your 4th.

Sensual Energy - Jake & Amy find themselves in an alternate dimension, charged with sensual energy. $1.60. A lot of bang for your buck (sixty)

Statues - A curse, a dimensional spirit, and sulty, southern nights. $2.00 Timeless love to light up the night.

Have a safe & happy 4th of July!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Secret Indulgence Contest

But not the kind you're thinking. Phaze Fantasies, Vol. VI, deals with the secret indulgence of BDSM and D/s. In most of the stories, the characters are experiencing these for the first time. Opening yourself up to, and enjoying, new experiences is a sub theme in the anthology. Right now, my blog reading tends to lean toward writing and reading, and I'm looking for some new blogs to read.

So, to win a copy of Phaze Fantasies, Vol. VI, comment with a link to the bizarre, the outlandish, the surreal blogs that you read. I'm not talking sexual here, but do you read the blog of a gardener who only grows carnivorous plants? Or how about a person who honestly believes they are from the future/another planet, etc. What I'm looking for are the blogs you read on a regular basis, but wouldn't dare admit to your friends that you read them. The person who sends me the quirky blog that catches my interest, and keeps it, will win a copy of Phaze Fantasies, Vol. VI.
On a side note, I was almost hit twice this morning -- at the same intersection. I was exiting the interstate and stopped at the light. Light turned green and I started to pull out. But, I never automatically go when the light turns green, and when I checked traffic, sure enough a lady with a child in the car heading southbound ran right through the light. Then a man in a truck heading northbound became so fascinated by the construction going on behind me, that he went right through the light. And then gave me the look, like what are you doing pulling out in front of me. (this was after the woman went through) And to top it all off, it's a camera light, so I'm sure in a few days, he'll figure out why I was pulling out.

Have a great week, everyone!

Friday, June 20, 2008

This Will Consume the Great Person

Now, if you guys have ever played Civilization IV, you recognize the title of today's post. And you know the game will consume you. I am a below mid-level player of this game. But it's addicting, and for a strategy game which should be boring for the first 100 turns or so, it's downright fun to play for hours (and hours, and hours) at a time.

My favorite civs so far are Russia (Catherine), France (Napoleon), and Rome (Julius Ceasar). I managed to win some time victories, a space victory, a domination victory, and a backdoor domination victory, but none of them above warlord. We also have the BTS expansion game, but DH has dibs on that game most of the time, so I end up playing the *vanilla* version. Which is okay with me, as I'd never played a Civ game until IV came out, and I'd like a little more experience under my belt before tackling BTS.

And, this type of game is great for my writer's imagination. I love worldbuilding and creating the mythology for my alternate dimensions and universes. Games like Civ IV where you have to build a civilization almost from the primordial slime up make great playgrounds. How do you build a warrior nation without starving everyone to death? How do you build an peaceful, intellilectual nation while still protecting your borders? How do you create culture? Religion? Who are these people and where did they come from?

A fantasy writers wet dream.

Of course, it takes days to actually complete a game, sometimes weeks depending on your level of play.

In that respect, it's a lot like writing. You build on an idea, protect some aspects. Let others go. Work the theme and each situation to to its fullest advantage, and beat up on the weaker elements until they either go away or build up some viable defenses.

So, in the midst of the crazy tax season, and other non-tax related days of hell, I found escapism in Civ IV. Now, I'm back to my writing. The first draft of Stygian Prophecy is complete, and I'm going through the second draft now. Should be complete by the end of the month.

Here's a little snippet - the opening paragraph. Let me know if you think it works.

The Paegus Realm
Daegnan knew the price of duty all too well. He paid the toll with every breath, and perhaps with his last breath this day. When he’d joined the Royal Guard, his family had turned away from him, refused to speak his name, and his heritage made him an outcast amongst the warriors. His so-called brothers in arms neither liked nor trusted the dragon soul hidden inside his human shell and spared no sympathy for his plight. He scented the sweat of their malicious anticipation and fought to control the part of him which craved the taste of their fear and savored victory by bloodshed like a sweet wine on the tongue.

Also, I'm gearing up to give away a copy of Phaze Fantasies, Vol. VI next week. Check back for details.

Have a Great Weekend!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Phaze Fantasies VI is Now Available

Six Fantastic Authors. Six Fabulous BDSM Themed Stories. One Hot Anthology! Phaze Fantasies, Vol. VI, available now from Phaze and discounted this week at Fictionwise.

To Have and To Hold by Yvette Hines: Kelli Delaney spent the last year planning for the perfect wedding. What she didn't plan for was getting to the altar and not having a groom there waiting for her. Dumped and pissed, Kelli decides she's still going to have her honeymoon and eat her cake too. When she meets up with her college crush, Will Robertson she finds herself submitting to a passionate weekend she couldn't have arranged for in her wildest dreams.

Continuing Education by D. Musgrave: By day, Stephanie Barrett is a high school English Teacher. By night, she's the Grand Mistress of a dungeon club, without a submissive to call her own. When she spots Nicolas Adamson, back in town from college, she remembers the strong feelings she had for him, but never acted on. A plan forms in her mind, to lure him into her lair. Thus begins the realization of her longest held fantasy--to find a submissive of her own.

Sam the Man by Jude Mason: Sammy Nicholson was the epitome of what we all might think of as 'flaming' gay. Small, well dressed in outrageous clothing, he loved to shock and tease. But Sammy was much more. A part time hospice worker, he fell for a client's husband and after some soul searching, the man tumbled for him as well. When the wife finally passes away, guilt sets in. Can Sammy's special kind of love break down the barriers Greg has set up for himself?

Precious Things by Augusta Li: Yaoi/Fantasy/BDSM: Far in the future, civilization has collapsed and people have gathered in walled City-States for protection from the dangers lurking in the Wastelands outside. Leaf is content in his role as slave-boy to his beautiful and enigmatic Master, Leannan. But when an associate from Leannan's past arrives, the secure routine of Leannan and Leaf's life is disrupted, and Leaf must confront truths about his Master he'd rather not know. He must find the strength to do what he dreads most: act alone, without his Master's guidance.

Statues by Jessie Verino: Alexandria Darnoud values her privacy as much as her art collection. Her living art collection. Rumors run wild throughout New Orleans about her hedonistic, invitation only, parties. Dante is a reporter working undercover as one of her statues in order to break the story of his career. Tough, take no prisoners Alexandria, has a secret she dares not even acknowledge to herself. She wants to surrender her hidden passion to a man who can take control, and Dante is her man of choice. But will Dante give up his story, his career, to keep Alexandria tied to his bed?

iSU Bm iT by N: A perfume might be bottled eroticism, but iSUBmiT is more. iSUBmiT is bottled darkness. And to learn how to sell the darkest of erotic promises Svetlana must first experience them. She must go to So-UnReal-Ism…

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Leap with Phaze

Leap Day only comes around once every four years, and Phaze is celebratingwith a special sale and Take a Leap Giveaway, with two ways to win!

All through Leap Day, 2.29.08, you can get 29% off all eBooks in our store using the checkout code LEAP2008. When you purchase a title from catalog on Leap Day you will be eligible to win one of gift certificates valued at $29 each.

You can also enter the drawing by sending an e-mail to leapyear@phaze.comwith your Name, E-Mail Address, and one sentence describing the best wayto "take a leap" on this extra day.
How would spend your Leap Day: an actual "leap" with a bungee cordattached your ankles, or a metaphorical "leap" toward an exciting new jobor romance? Let us know; we'll post the answers we like best on our blog.

All entries for the giveaway must be in by midnight, 2.29.08 to beeligible. No purchase necessary to win!

Until then, stay Phazed and Enthused!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Time to Really Party Now & An Excerpt

You're not going to believe this. One boss is working at home today, and the other just walked out the door and won't be back. Woo Hoo! The office to myself all afternoon. That in and of itself is an assistant's wet dream, but for it to happen on my birthday? Wow.

I promised excerpts, and now I can post them without having to worry about who's looking over my shoulder. The first excerpt is from Statues. It's due out on March 3 as part of the Phaze Fantasies Anthology Vol. VI.

Alexandria Darnoud values her privacy as much as her art collection. Her living art collection. Rumors run wild throughout New Orleans about her hedonistic, invitation only, parties. Dante is a reporter working undercover as one of her statues in order to break the story of his career. Tough, take no prisoners Alexandria, has a secret she dares not even acknowledge to herself. She wants to surrender her hidden passion to a man who can take control, and Dante is her man of choice.

But will Dante give up his story, his career, to keep Alexandria tied to his bed?

"How long can you maintain an erection?" Alexandria Darnoud asked the question with no more inflection than if she were asking him how fast he could type. Of course, this wasn't a normal job interview, and he'd lost what little modesty he'd had when he'd posed nude for the portfolio she now held.

Dante cleared his throat. "I'd guess I'm about average. Is it a requirement?"

She smiled demurely in contrast to the subject matter. "No. In fact, very few of our statues are nudes and only a select few are chosen for centerpieces." Still holding the photographs, her direct gaze wandered from his face and lingered on the image of his cock at full attention. "However, judging from your photographs, I'd say you're a little better than average. I'm sure our artists will want to work with you."

The casual statement made him squirm a bit in the soft leather chair. His research indicated the new statues were stuck on a pedestal in a dark hallway, and he hadn't expected to do more than that, but even the chance to attend one of her infamous parties made him ready to agree to anything.

Her enthusiasm made him wonder for a moment if she suspected he had applied for the job as an undercover assignment for the local tabloid, Rag Time, and then he quickly dismissed the idea. He and his boss had arranged his alias and cover story perfectly. She couldn't know the truth.
He inclined his head slightly, trying to hide his apprehension. "Thank you for the compliment, Miss Darnoud. I would consider it an honor to work with your artists."

Rumors regarding her artwork, and her parties, could be heard on every street corner in New Orleans. For a reporter, the chance to expose, in depth, what went on during those parties was a priceless opportunity he couldn't resist. Every gossip reporter in the state had tried, but none of them had gotten past the front gate. At least he'd made it inside the mansion.

She closed his portfolio and handed it back to him with a contract. "Good. Our agreement is quite simple and quite exacting. We do not allow any type of enhancement, including chemical or herbal, which would increase your stamina or erection size. We do periodic testing to enforce this policy." She shuffled several papers across her desk. "We will provide all training, make-up, and related services as part of your compensation, which is stated in the contract. After your probation period, you will enter the rotation for the parties. In addition, there is a non-disclosure agreement regarding your employment which stays in effect for fifty years after termination. Fraternization with guests and other employees or staff is strictly prohibited. Any questions?"

Damn, she looked too delicious with her full lips slightly parted, and her smoldering gaze too sexy, sitting poised behind the dark, cherry wood desk waiting for his answer. He leaned forward to take the contract, a little more than he should have, and deliberately lowered his voice to a husky, intimate tone. "What about fraternization with the boss?"

The question didn't appear to unsettle her at all. In fact, it brought a mischievous little smile to her face that made his heart race. She matched his movement and leaned toward him, just enough for him to glimpse the swell of her breasts in the vee of her silk blouse. "I'd be disappointed if you didn't try, Dante." The use of his name gave him a false sense of intimacy. "I grew up in this home, nurtured in the bosom of what most people consider human perfection. It takes a lot to impress me."

He retrieved a pen from his pocket, and signed the contract without reading it. "I'm looking forward to the challenge. When do I start?"

Now, off to find something for lunch.

It's My Birthday!

Today is my birthday! And I share this special day with a another great author and great friend, Trista Ann Michaels!

The Giants won the SuperBowl. Life is good.

So, I've got absolutely nothing planned as far as a party on the blog, but let's see what turns up. I received a wonderful message from this morning from a reader who told me Lord Night was the first e-book she purchased. Wow, I'm still all agog over it. It means so much to me when someone tells me they enjoyed reading my stories. Especially, since my stories don't fit the norm. They're a little science fiction, a little fantasy, a little erotic (or in some cases a lot), but they're all romance.

And of course, my latest is totally different than what I normally write. Statues is a straight contemporary with a light D/s theme.

I'll post some excerpts later, but now, I've got to get some coffee and slave away at the day job for a little while.